Future projects

These are all projects which I should very much like to work on, when time permits. None of them have been started in any way, nor have I any idea when they may be started. Still, it may be useful for you to know that I'm at least thinking about working on them.

Here they are, in no especial order.

SceneFixer 2

I'd like to do a complete rework of the popular SceneFixer script. The code in SceneFixer is a complete mess as the script was never planned in any way - it just grew and grew in a completely ad hoc fashion as needs arose. So, what I'd like to do is:

  • A complete code rewrite
  • Incorporate the functionality of MatHelper
  • Make it compatible with P11 and Superfly
  • Make it highly configurable, with user-defined presets

EZMat 2

EZMat is a personal favourite of mine, but the fact that it is not compatible with Poser 11 is frustrating. I really should do something about that one day. Updating it would be a huge task though ...

The Snow Machine

I'd like to update this for the same reasons as EZMat - compatibility with P11 and the ability to generate Superfly shaders. It would be a lot easier to make a new Snow Machine than a new EZMat :-)


Yes, I'd like to make an exporter to Maxwell Render, the cool unbiased render engine from NextLimit. All in all, probably a little too ambitious at the moment, given how little time I have available.