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You have permission to do whatever you like with this program and its source code: share it, use it, rewrite it, sell it, dissolve it in acid, laugh at it or set it as a challenge to a troupe of infinite monkeys and their typewriters ... anything at all.

EZDome v1.2 is complete.

Version 1.2 of EZDome has these features:

  • Creation of Bagginsbill's EnvDome, EnvHemisphere and EnvSphere models (with kind permission from BB)
  • Uses an inner and an outer dome for maximum flexibility
  • sIBL archive library manager
  • Creation of sIBL archives from custom images
  • Sun creation, automatically matching background HDRI
  • Dome can be rotated and tilted
  • Contrast, intensity, hue and saturation controls for both inner dome and outer
  • Ability to pick sun location by clicking on HDRI preview
  • Material set save option
  • Delete all lights and turn off all lights tools
  • Configurable settings


EZDome v1.2 complete: download (version 1.2, build 054)
Updated user guide: download
EZDome source code: download